Lightning Stitch
Another ‘sewn through the spine’ binding. Very simple, the book contains 2 signatures. Making books is addictive, can’t wait to do my next one day course.

6 thoughts on “Lightning Stitch”

  1. Beautiful book! It’s such an simple pattern, yet so effective. May I ask if you joined the signatures together at all, or if they are simply sewn through the spine?

    Sorry to clutter up your lovely blog with technical questions!

  2. Hello Rachel – no problem.

    If you look at the narrow part of the stitch (the shorter part of the zig zag)there is a point where the thread enters to the left and the right – each of these points of entry is for a different signature. i.e the left point of the thread goes into signature 1 and in the right point of entry (on the spine) – the thread goes into signature 2. Hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t let me know and I will try to take some more photos that shows this.

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