When you create your own custom banner in Blogger, the blogger border remains and if it is the wrong size will end up around your image and it does not look so good.

Before you start editing always back up just in case you delete something by mistake. The option below appers in the Edit HTML page.

Backup/Restore Template
Before editing your template, you may want to save a copy of it.
There is also an option on this page to – Download Full Template

1. Go to Customise – Layout – Edit HTML

2. Scroll down until you find this piece of code.

3. Then highlight the piece of code as shown below, delete and press Save.

This will remove the border around your banner.

16 thoughts on “Remove Border From Blogger Banner”

  1. Thanks Rachel.

    I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous blogs that look great, but they have the border around the banner, and I always think what a shame. So I decided to post these screen shots.

  2. Heya! Heheheehe I got recommended by Rachel to come here, and did just that to both of my bloggies. Thank you very much for the tip.

    Maybe one day we’ll discover how to customise our background too!

  3. I've got a spare practice blog where I do all my messing around with layouts etc.

    If you go to Edit HTML and add this piece of code:

    img {
    border: 0 !important;

    You can put it in anywhere as long as its after this : < head >

    Which is at the top of the page of code. I just scrolled down until I found a blank line and pasted the code in, saved it and and it works.

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