This is the book that give me the inspiration for my ice photos. The story of the Snow Queen totally fascinated me. It’s 2 books in one – one side has Andersen’s Fairy Tales and when you flip it over you have Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

It was love at first sight! The book is about 20 years old and didn’t originally belong to me, it was owned by a family friend called Gerald. Every time we visited his house I always made a beeline for the book and tried to quickly read stories from it. He eventually let me borrow it but I had to give it back. I coveted the book for years, and was slightly irritated because Gerald had very little interest in it and I really wanted it. Eventually after about 6 years he gave in and finally admitted he had no interest in the book and gave it to me. I was so delighted it was finally mine! I read every single fairy tale in it. I loved the Red Shoes, but the Snow Queen always stood out as the best and I read and re-read that story so many times.

I always wanted to do some artwork which was inspired by the story but was strongly discouraged on my degree when I suggested it for my final year project. Finally, when I did my MA I thought I’m not going to be talked out of this again and decided I would do it, hence all the pictures frozen in ice.

I still love this book, it has been with me everywhere since I left home at 18, Dublin, London, Scotland, Bristol, and all the other places I’ve lived. Its quite battered now and some pages are held together with masking tape. Its funny how you can become so attached to a book, it is one of my most treasured possessions.

“some people even got a piece of glass stuck in their heart and this was terrible, for their heart became cold like a lump of ice.”

That line always blew me away.

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  1. Lovely blog you have! I see that you list a Krishnamurti book in your library–I actually went to the Krishnamurti school in Hampshire, England for two years–maybe youve heard of it 🙂

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