Found these in the back garden last year and kept them because they are so beautiful. Gull feathers were in high demand in the 19th century for the millinery trade because of their quality. Many gulls were killed for their feathers. These feathers are from a Lesser Black-backed gull. They nest on our roof every year and we usually have a little chick in the back garden because they fall off the roof.

This is Victor, he was last year’s chick. I never understand how they are so small and they survive the fall.

2 thoughts on “Gull Feathers”

  1. I agree, but if you went anywhere near him you’d have angry parents swooping on you within seconds. I had to pick one up before to rescue him from a dangerous road, he was lovely and soft but he didn’t want to be cuddled! For one so tiny he was very feisty and kept trying to peck me. I admired his bravery.

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