I first visited Barry Island about 6 years ago on my birthday.  I loved Barry Island straight away and can’t really explain why. They have one of the best Hyper Value’s in the world, and one of the few left after most of them closed down. There is also an amazing fireworks display every November. The beach is lovely and there are loads of gulls, what more could you ask for?

6 thoughts on “Barry Island, One of My Favourite Places – in the world!”

  1. Whoopity whoop whoop!

    I haven’t visited your bloggie for a while, looks like you’ve been up to alot of things and as usual, mostly bird related ^_^

    I love the last photo of this post, I’ve never seen a firework photo that look as soft as this, not glam not big bang but soft, only word I can find.

  2. Thanks Authoritaters for all your nice comments. That photo in my banner is one of my few decent captures of a bird, they move too fast!

    Joy – Geneva on the Lake sounds a lot more glamorous than Barry Island!

    (sorry for the delay in reply was on holidays)

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