I didn’t win the competition so I bought the Blue Tit Tweet because he is so lovely. Here are some pictures of him (I’ve called him Archie) in his new home. I really like this little Tweet, he is beautifully made in felt with gorgeous colours. Made by Mel from her lovely shop Felt Me Up Designs

I am sure my neighbours think I am completely bonkers, I was so excited when Archie arrived this morning I went out to photo him straight away. I climbed on to the garden wall to photograph him in my neighbours Apple Tree which overhangs our garden. My neighbour very kindly allows me to hang my bird feeders in his tree, but maybe seeing me up on the wall with a camera and a little Tweet might have made him think I’d finally lost the plot.

While I was up there taking the photos there was a real Blue Tit singing away at the top of the tree, maybe he was saying hello to Archie?

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