In Wales I have little Gull Chicks landing on my doorstep but in Ireland it was a horse! The morning I was due to fly back the doorbell went, I answered it and there was this lady standing there with a horse!

It had been wandering on the road and she was afraid it was going to get run over, she was in a rush and bringing her children to school and asked if I would look after the horse. Someone had given her a piece of rope for a makeshift bridle. The horse belonged to the travellers and she said she would call into them and tell them where it was.

The poor creature seemed totally dazed and confused and wouldn’t take any food or water from me. Eventually when I led her into the lawn she seemed much happier and started grazing.

One of the traveller’s eventually came to collect her and said her name was Starling. She was beautiful and I really fell for her. I felt a bit sad because she needed a good groom and didn’t seem well looked after. I don’t want to go into a tirade about animal welfare here but, I believe the ISPCA has been made aware of this.

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