Well here he is. Came back from 2 weeks holiday to find we will be “under siege” for at least six weeks. Meaning because this little fella has taken up residence in our back garden and his very protective parents will not allow us to set foot in it! It always amazes me how something this small can survive the fall from the roof but they do.

4 thoughts on “This Year’s Gull Chick”

  1. Thank you Michele. I suppose we are privileged to share our garden with these creatures, at least that's the impression you get from the gulls in their own inimitable gull like way – they act like the own the place so its not exactly sharing, but I don't mind. Not sure if all our neighbours are so impressed, to be woken a 3am, 4am and 5am with the racket!

  2. Thanks, he is gorgeous and getting bigger every day. Such a sweet little creature and very funny with his antics, playing with his water bowl and various 'toys' he has acquired.

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