Silver-Reed Silverette - Ribbon
I’ve got a bit of a Typewriter obsession. It all started years ago when I was around 10 and we had an old Underwood typewriter. I used to write all sorts of ramblings on it, including plays (usually involving a murder mystery!)
I bought this lovely little Silver-Reed Silverette 7 years ago. I searched Cardiff for a typewriter and found this in a shop in Roath (no longer there). It is in lovely condition and works perfectly, I paid £10 for it. It has its own little case as well. I was quite surprised to find how easy it was to get ribbons for it – EC Osborne’s have them. I had a particular piece of work that I wanted original typewriter text for – the Twinkle Badge Story. The text was enlarged to fit almost A1 size and screen printed (click on the image below to get a better idea of what it looked like).

I love the way you can see the indentations of typewritten text. When the print was enlarged to this size you could see all the little typewriter ink marks, like a little series of dots around the letters. Some people suggested I just used an ‘old typewriter’ font. Yuck! There are 3 images, the typewriter text (screen printed), the Twinkle Badge picture (large format inkjet), and the photo of me (smugly wearing the Twinkle badge) and my sister. This was screen printed onto 3 separate pieces of silk organza which were layered in a deep frame. It gave a lovely depth to the image.

So here you have the Twinkle Badge Story. How I took it from my sister, but after many years she got her badge back.

Seeing this old Argos Catalogue on Retrofinds was great and has helped me date my typewriter to 1976.

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  1. I thought I was alone in my attraction to old typewriters! for my 11th birthday my parents gave me a 'brother' manual typewriter (that makes it almost the same age as your beauty… I have it, and use it, and love it still today…

  2. You can still get ribbons for this model so it depends. You won't get much more than £15 for the typewriter – at least that's the most I've seen them go for an e-bay. I'm probably the wrong person to ask. I wouldn't sell it 🙂

  3. I had one of these from tthe early to late '80s (ooh the horror stories I could tell about manul typewriters…) but now I use Microsoft Windows.

  4. Hello. I'm writing from Argentina. I'm not sure you can help me and it's rare for me look for help in the internet, with people who speaks in english (excuse me for my use of language). I'm 17 and the other day I found an typewriter in mi house. It is the same of the image, a Silverette Silver-Reed. I love writing and i'wanna use it but it doesn't works. I have to change de ribbon, but i don't know how to do it. Can you please help me? Thanks you and greetings from South América.

  5. Hello Noé. I have added an extra photograph to show how the ribbon goes on. I didn't know how to put it on but just kept trying until the ribbon spool moved when I typed. If the spool doesn't move when you type the ribbon is on wrong.

    You can get the ribbon on Ebay. The picture in the link below looks like the ribbon I have on my typewriter.

    I hope this helps. Any other questions let me know 🙂

  6. Amazing what you find in blogland these days. I have the same typewriter and use it alot in my crafting and was surfing around to find new ribbons for it and came across your page. I used to have Twinkle too but progressed to Debbie, aww the memories. Thanks BJ

  7. Thanks BJ. I never progressed to Debbie. I think my choice was dictated by my older sister – the next one I remember is Jackie! Hope you found your ribbons.

  8. Greetings from Istanbul :] Happy I found this blog post as I was searching for more information on Silver Reed. I'd like to buy either Silver Reed Silverette or Olympia Traveller de Luxe. I'd appreciate your feedback if you also had a chance to try the latter one as well. Thanks, Cansu

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