Smith Corona XL Typewriter

by Angela

I was walking by a charity shop one day and saw this, it was flung outside in the street along with a lot of other stuff. I had a look at it and it seemed OK. I  went into to the shop and asked them how much they wanted for it – it was £5. I took it home and tested it but I am afraid it was not too my liking. The font is not very nice, and its not easy to type with, it feels really plasticky. I can touch type so am very fussy with my keys! The Silver-Reed Silverette is still my favorite (I haven’t got round to getting ribbons for the Underwood yet to give that a proper test drive).

So I am afraid this one was taken back to another charity shop, the PDSA I try to make most of donations there. Hopefully, someone else will like it and take it home and get some use out of it. I hope they can get ribbons for it. I thought it would use the same ones as the Silver-Reed but it didn’t, another reason to give it back to a charity shop.

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