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by Angela

This is just an update on the progress (or not) of the book I am making for Book Art Object. I’ve finished all the content and its already for printing. I’ve managed to print it off (below) on Somerset Book paper which is really gorgeous. However, I am printing double sided and have had a few problems with alignment. It was while I was carrying out some experiments on cheaper paper to get the alignment right, that I had the result above. I can’t totally blame the printer for this, it was pretty rubbish paper and I was printing through the speciality media tray so it didn’t like it too much.

I’ve also recently upgraded to Mac OS 10.6 and no longer have the full features in my print drivers (and every time it prints it tells me all the print heads are missing!). I’ve posted on the HP forums about this, but although they are really trying to help none of the suggested fixes are working. I am still getting great prints and wonderful colours but I just don’t have all the bells & whistles I had in 10.5.


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