Goldfinches Bring Chick to Bird Feeder

by Angela

The Goldfinches that come to my bird feeders are bringing their chicks with them again this year. These photos are from a few years ago when I just managed to capture the whole story. You can see in the photo above that the little chick is perching precariously and trying to get its balance, with the parents on the perches below. The one just below shows a parent feeding the chick with some sunflower hearts, and the bottom photo shows the little chick curiously checking things out.

I just think its so sweet and lovely that they introduce their chicks to my feeder every year, which means my customer base is growing all the time! They love sunflower hearts and its only since I started using these seeds that the goldfinches started coming in significant numbers. Sometimes I have seen up to 8 goldfinches on the feeder at one time. They have their petty little squabbles over their perches, but I think they all manage to get on and have a feed. It really does my heart good to see them bringing their chicks, it just makes me feel so happy.

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