If you haven’t realised by now by reading other blog posts, I love pigs. I think it all started about 8 years ago. I worked in a very stressful and busy job and if I was having a really bad day at work my boyfriend (Wayne) would send me a picture of a pig to cheer me up. The pictures always made me smile and somehow things didn’t seem so bad. That was the start of all things pig related. Luckily The Museum of Welsh Life have pigs and every now and then we go to visit them (and the museum of course). Occasionally there will be piglets but yesterday was a triple whammy. Not only were there 2 litters of gorgeous piglets, but there were 3 adorable porkers (I think that’s the correct term) running around in a field. This little sleeping piglet was my favourite, lying right next to his mother’s trotter. Below is a video of the 3 little porkers.

7 thoughts on “Sleeping Piglet, Museum of Welsh Life”

  1. i understand what you mean about pigs. i love them too. my mother-in-law had a pet pig when she was first married and eventually they had to make a a little cart for the back of the tractor to help it get around the farm. it wanted to follow them everywhere like a dog, but became too big and fat to run after them. alas i don't live on a farm so no pet pig…but i too love pictures of them. yours are very cute!

  2. Thanks both.

    What a lovely story about your mother-in-law's pig Jane, they are very intelligent. I once saw this documentary about teaching pigs to play simple computer games!

    I would love a pet pig – a Kune Kune – because they have such a lovely temperament, but the same as yourself don't live on a farm so don't know when this could happen. One day…

  3. I LOVE pigs – they are so intelligent…..

    I am eagerly awaiting the day (a couple of months from now hopefully) when we will again have some piggies on the farm

    thanks for the cute pics to tide me over until then!

  4. Ronnie, you lucky lucky girl! Please post some photos when they arrive.

    By the way love your new blogger banner and photos of burning books, excellent stuff.

  5. I love pigs and always wanted to have one as a house pet. Kune Kune was my choice too. However after reading a lot of pretty serious articles about keeping pigs in a house I realised that I couldn't do it. They are very intelligent and can open doors, and your fridge will be considered theirs, not yours. I'm still sorry about it, and if I lived on a farm I'd want to have a pet pig. I don't eat meat because of my fondness for pigs, so I imagine my pig would live in comparative luxury all the days of its life. Love your video and photo. Carol

  6. There's something funny going on with Blogger comments. Carol your comment only appeared for publishing today even though you posted it the same day as Ronnie.

    As I said on Ronnie's blog it sounds like the BAO group have more in common then a love of book art!

    Carol – your totally right about the Kune's (or any pig for that matter) I wouldn't have one unless I had loads of space. I'd still like to have them in the house occasionally if possible. Thanks for your lovely comment and glad you like the photo and video.

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