Well almost full, but I still love it. This is my first proper attempt at taking a picture of the full moon using a tripod. 

A photo of the Moon in the Daytime for Carol’s Grand Daughter

6 thoughts on “Full Moon”

  1. I love the moon too, and so does my 2 year old grand daughter, always checking the daylight sky for the moon's whereabouts. I just noticed you have a recipe for a birdseed cake so I'm going back to that to see if I could make it for our parrots.

  2. Thanks both.

    Carol, I think that's really cute that your grand daughter is checking for the moon in the day. She wants to know where its hiding. Its a bit of a coincidence really, I was going through photos yesterday and found one of the moon in the day. So I've updated the post to include the picture especially for her.

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