Frozen Star (Blue)

Frozen Stars (Silver)

Frozen Star (Pink)

I first heard the words ‘frozen star’ when I read a book called The Physics of Star Trek a few years ago. It was the term first used to describe black holes.  I just loved the words and have been trying to find ‘stars’ to freeze since then.  I first started freezing things in ice for my Snow Queen work. For some reason I thought it would be just for that project and that would be end of it,  and that I should stop working with ice, but I keep seeing things and thinking – I wonder what that would  look like frozen? – or hearing words like frozen stars and getting inspired. I suppose its a lesson that should never say never and just go with it 🙂

7 thoughts on “Frozen Stars – Work In Progress”

  1. fabulous! (and I'm quite surprised by overlaps in our interests … I've been freezing booky bits over the past couple of years… haven't been sharing the results… yet… but I can appreciate what you cold little hands are doing right now… and your results are WONDERFUL!)

  2. Thanks both. Ronnie I am intrigued by your experiments with ice yet again. Could you send me one in secret 😉 I would love to see it. I can't remember if I said this before but a friend suggested once I was done with ice I should move to fire – which you have already done with great affect. It is intriguing that we are so far apart, have been drawn together by BAO and have been working in similar ways.

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