Just returned from a short break in Cornwall. Stayed in this gorgeous old townhouse with great views over the harbour. The best view of all was the starling roost and display that happened every evening around 6 o’clock. I couldn’t believe it the first evening I saw it. 

It made me laugh a bit too. We have traveled twice to see starling roosts only to be disappointed when they didn’t show up at all and once they roosted but didn’t display.  I remember sitting in the freezing cold and rain on Aberystwyth Pier (they didn’t show up at all) and also last winter in that freezing weather we had waiting at RSPB Conwy (they didn’t display just flew straight into the reed beds).
It is very difficult to film and I’m not very good at video at the best of times but I hope this gives an idea of how fabulous it was. The video is about 5 minutes long, its funny at the end they flew under the back of The Buccaneer souvenir shop (to roost for the night), then a some of them changed their minds and had a few last flurries.

Below is a picture of some starlings in Lands End, Cornwall in a litter bin 🙂

Starlings In a Bin

8 thoughts on “Starling Roost, Penzance, Cornwall”

  1. Hi Angela, I came across your blog when I Googled my Underwood typewriter I got from a yard sale this past weekend. It is exactly like yours–Underwood Industrial 150. I read the comments on that post and was wondering if you ever found the correct ribbon for it. I keep finding the "flanged" spools online, and I'm unsure if that would fit. Please let me know. I'll definitely be checking back on your neat blog for any responses. 🙂 –Lisa

  2. Hello Lisa, I did not get the ribbon yet. Unfortunately I have another issue to sort out before I get the ribbon. The ribbon spool is not moving around when you type. I found out which part is missing by looking at the photos of the same typewriter on this blog.

    (Maybe he could tell you where to get ribbons?)

    Picture 3 has a little plastic knob and the side of the typewriter this is missing from mine. So the ribbon doesn't move when you type. I need to get this sorted first.

    If you are not already a member – the Yahoo Typewriter Group is a very helpful community and may be able to tell you. Sorry I can't.


  3. Thank you very much for responding! I'll consult the blogger from the first link to see what he/she says and I'll check the Yahoo group out too.

    I might just order the fringed spools and hope they fit. Not much harm can come from trial and error. Should they work, I'll try to remember to come back and let you know!

  4. I've posted the question for you on the blog – so keep an eye out for the answer. Thanks for the ebay link but I think this is a lot for what is essentially a photocopy of the original manual – especially considering I have provided a free PDF for the Imperial 'Good Companion' Model T Portable on my blog 🙂 Good luck with your search.

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