Bird Rubber Stamps, Somerset Satin 300gsm Paper

I have started printing these on to Somerset Satin paper (300gsm) and am going to print a small edition.
I made a stamp with the “hope is the thing with feathers…” text. This was done as for my book Nestbuilding Perils & Pleasures by typing the text on a typewriter, scanning it, enlarging it, printing the enlarged text, going over it with pencil and transferring this text on to the rubber by going over the back of the paper with pencil.

  Hope Is the Thing with Feathers - Rubber Stamp

9 thoughts on “Birdy Rubber Stamps”

  1. Thanks Ronnie & Elephant's Child. They were 'unemployed' for a while after I finished the book so I decided to put them to work again 🙂 I thought it was a shame that they were just used for the edition and then just left to one side. I still can't explain it, but I have a very strong emotional attachment to them.

  2. Hi Angela, I have just found you blog and instantly fell in love with your birds! Now I am a follower and look forward to seeing more of you lovely work. Your lettering is a wonder to me, my hands are not that steady! Come visit me and check out what I've been doing.

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