I was asked by Angie Butler to take part in this collaborative book project. The best way to explain it is to use Angie’s own words:
“I am in the process of creating a collaborative book (with Natalie McGrorty; artist and friend currently based in New York – we skype a lot!) for An Inventory Of Mutanabbi Street: a project to “re-assemble” some of the “inventory” of the reading material that was lost in the car bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street by creating work that holds both “memory and future,” exactly what was lost that day.
We would like to ask particular people to participate in the making of our book –
And each will ask thirteen people to join us to do so. The people I have chosen to ask, are all individuals I have either lost and re-gained contact with, or have got to know in the past twelve months – which ever one you are – it’s because I think that you have something special about you – and in the context of this work – that’s a precious thing, something to be held dear – not to lose.”
Each artist was asked to submit a picture of themselves holding their image of a flower and also to submit the original image. I choose my bumble bee image.
The finished book is here and there is an event at UWE, Bristol on the 5th March.


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