This is the lovely Percy Pig – the only kind of pig I will eat and I even felt guilty about that 😉 He looked so sweet in his little 100s & Thousands Shorts. He was delicious!  I am also glad that after a long campaign Marks & Spencer have eventually brought out Percy Pig sweets suitable for vegetarians. The originals – the most gorgeous sweet in the world (!) contained real pigs (pork gelatine).


6 thoughts on “Percy Pig – The Only Kind of Pig I Will Eat”

  1. I suppose because its pink it looks plasticky. The ingredients said it was made from concentrated strawberries, raspberries and some other fruits so it must be healthy 😉

    Elephant's Child I am always amazed at some of the stuff that have animal products in them.

    His shorts were particularly tasty Your Majesty 🙂

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