This had been driving me crackers for some time, I am always puzzled as to how customers find my shop on Etsy or Folksy. Google Analytics doesn’t really help – its all Greek to me except the really basic stuff 🙂
I had made a few purchases online and when I went to PayPal to make my payment there was a very short survey just to say “How did you find my shop?” It was nothing to complex – only about 4 options. I wanted to add this to my PayPal but couldn’t find how to do this. Google Searches only returned results that showed how to do this on the US version of PayPal. The settings are different on the UK version.

After driving myself nuts for ages I decided to post this on Folksy and lo and behold the answer was provided speedily by the very helpful Rosie owner of this lovely Shop.

It is really simple to do.

1. Login to PayPal

2. Go to – Profile (screen shot above).

3. In the drop down Menu go to My Selling Preferences.  It should look like the screen shot below.

4.  Then  choose – Payment Pages  – Update

5. Choose – the Options Tab and tick Add a customer service survey

Hoorah! Its done..but! Where do you see the results of the survey? When someone makes a purchase in PayPal look at your Payments Received then choose Details and you will get the Transaction Details. At very bottom under Payment Type if they have filled out the survey you will see that customer’s answers. If they have not filled out the Survey you will see nothing.
I want to finish this post by giving a big thank you to Rosie who answered my question on Folksy and helped me solve this 🙂

6 thoughts on “Add Customer Service Survey to PayPal UK”

  1. No they don't. Another reason I wrote this tutorial – for reference to myself 🙂 After you'd told me the answer I added the survey but then lost the link on the Folksy forums. I wanted to have a look at my questions and I went back in to PayPal but couldn't find it (again!).

  2. No problem about the sharing – spread the word. Its one of those things that might drive you nuts if you do a Google search on it and end up going round in circles and getting lost on the interweb like I did 😉 So at least we can put people out of their misery 🙂

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