Eeeek! I have been thinking about redirecting my domain to my blog here for ages. It was on my list…finally yesterday I followed the instructions on the Google Help Pages and the redirection was put in place but now it won’t redirect to my blog because of this annoying message.
Maintenance in progress – Domain switching disabled.
I have Googled it but all you can find is posts on other people’s blogs saying they’ve just purchased a domain and cannot redirect it to their blog. I made a vain attempt to go back to the old Blogger Interface just in case it was something wrong with the new set up but its the same in there.
I have sent feedback to Google but there is nothing on any of their help pages about this. It seems to have been down since Wednesday the 12th. I know this is a free service but there should be at least some kind of announcement and perhaps an expected resolution date?
Now when you go to my website all you get is this lovely picture.

Its really annoying because the first part of the instructions tell you how to put the redirection on in the Control Panel of your Domain Reigstrar’s Website you don’t realise until you go to the final part of the instructions which is on Blogger go to – Settings Basic tab. Find the area for “Publishing,” that you can’t do it. Now if there was a problem with this I wished it had stopped me at the beginning and said something like “There is currently a problem with Domain Redirection please do not redirect until this is resolved….” (or you will have no website!!)

OK so I’m not a big business and I will not lose out too much by not having my domain visible. I am not going to whine and say this is costing me money (if I was really serious about this I wouldn’t be using a free service) but it is still really annoying!

Update – 21st September 2012
This is now resolved. Publishing now looks like this. However, I am not going to use Google for this now. If this breaks again I could be without a website. So in one way it was a good thing 🙂

5 thoughts on “Maintenance in progress – Domain switching disabled”

  1. Problems like this really flummox me, too.I'm not at all computer-savvy.But I do thank you for posting all these helpful hints, Angela.I don't do much with Paypal, but that advice was good to have.

  2. I really feel for you. You may not be a big business, but I know, at least for me, when my website or blog weren't working it was awful. I'm wracking my brain trying to remember how I did it when I was still with Blogger–I used to redirect my paperchipmunk domain to the Blogger blog. I honestly don't remember having to involve Blogger at all–it was all through my domain registrar… at least as far as I remember, but I could very well not be remembering correctly. I also currently have a couple of other domain names registered that redirect to my website. Again, these are entirely through the domain registrar. How weird that Blogger is causing such problems. At any rate, I hope you find some kind of resolution soon. It stinks to have your web identity mucked around like that.

    Even though it was a different kind of problem, it might be worth noting that I had a horrible time migrating my blog from Blogger to my own hosted WordPress setup. I kept following all of the directions online exactly, but it just would not work. It turned out the problem was my host (also my domain registrar). They are a major company, but were nothing but trouble for me. I'd been blaming Blogger for the problems, but it turned out it was the other company that was the problem. The only thing that fixed it was to find another domain host. Then suddenly everything worked seamlessly, just the way the directions online said it should. I'm not saying that the problem is whoever has your domain name–my problem was different, as I mentioned–but I just thought I'd put that out there. These types of problems can be so insane and seemingly without reason. Whatever is actually going on, good luck with it all!

  3. Thanks Ellen. I know the redirection from my domain registrar has gone through OK because it's a Google error message. Google instructions tell you that you need to change the publishing options after you've changed your domain records. The problem is that the option they say should be on this page is not there. It's not just me it's all over the web so it is their problem.

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