Brain Soap 

I am currently working on about 4 books (!) One of them is called Brain Soap. This is the first image I have been working on. I experimented with stamping/embossing the text on to several bars of soap – not easy! And this is the final result. This book explores ideas that have been floating around my head about mental wounds/hurts expressed as the physical and also how you could ‘heal’ mental scars by physical means. This is expressed as a series of wishes – one of them being how I wished I had some brain soap to wash all the gunk off my brain. I was just thinking how wonderful it could be if you clean all the accumulated crud off your brain and clear your head. I am not sure how I feel about this image at the moment. I have spoken before about having an exact image in your head and getting it to come out exactly as you imagined – here. This image is not as I imagined. I think I’ve looked at so much I can’t see it anymore.

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