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Here are some photos of latest book When I Am An Old Lady made for Book Art Object. All the text was done on my Typewriter – not easy – there were plenty of screechy bits!  All images are hand stamped.
The idea for this book came from things I said I was going to do when I am an old lady – starting with – When I am an old lady I will have a blue rinse and a 1950’s Hairdo like the Queen…and the rest just followed from there.

When I Am An Old Lady - Blue Rinse

I hand stamped the cover also. The first time I’ve managed to do this sucessfully. I made a slip cover and matching endpapers with a feather image. The feather image was created by putting a pile of found feathers on my scanner and scanning them at a high resolution.

I would never have chosen these light colours (book cloth and endpapers) but I was on a bookbinding course at UWE last year and used a similar colour book cloth and really liked it. I also thought that this was good ‘old lady’ palette 😉

When I Am An Old Lady - Book In Slipcover
Book in Slip Cover


When I Am An Old Lady - Cover
Hand Stamped Cover

When I Am An Old Lady - Jasper

7 thoughts on “When I Am An Old Lady”

  1. hehehe! Love your take on the Mrs. Queen haircut!
    And absolutely with you on the cages.Best feeling in the world was releasing birds when they regained strength.
    Now…back to my books…

  2. Thanks 🙂

    I had an idea how I wanted the hairdo to look. I thought I would have to do loads of sketches – by fluke I drew it and got it as I wanted straight off.

    Must have been a lovely feeling releasing the birds – for both parties!

    Stamping the cover was nerve racking, but I stamped the cloth before I covered the book board and bound it. So if I messed it up it was just the cloth and not the whole cover.

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