When I Am An Old Lady – Work In Progress

by Angela


Typing An Edition of Books

All Signatures Typed Ready To Stamp

I suppose I have posted in the wrong order. I have shown the completed book before the Work In Progress. I just wanted to a little of my Stamping process.

All the signatures for the book were Typed on my Silver-Reed Silverette Typewriter first. Lots of fun – Typying 15 books by hand 🙂  I then did the Stamping.

Artists Books Rubber Stamp Printing

Signature Typed – Ready To Stamp

For the old lady Stamp the main image outline is done in grey – below. I had a separate stamp to do her jumper and I stamped this in grey also.

Rubber Stamp Printing Artitst Book

Old Lady Stamped

Then I had another separate stamp to do the blue rinse for her hair.

Artist Book Rubber Stamp Printing

Old Lady Hair Stamp

The blue ink I was using was too strong. So I inked the stamp first and stamped on a scrap piece of paper and then stamped the image. This gave the more faded blue I was looking for. If you look at the second image here you can see where I have stamped the hair (right hand side of the image).

Rubber Stamp Printing Artists Book

Old Lady Blue Rinse Hair Stamped

As you can see it is all very low tech. Just 2 rulers to line up the paper, but I like the simplicity of this print process. With some stamps I thought it might be easier to do the main stamp and hand colour the other bits, but although its a bit fiddly to cut a separate stamp e.g. for the hair – it is much quicker just to stamp the hair than to faff around with a brush 🙂

It is very hard to photograph the whole edition stamped and when I get carried away with printing I forget to take photographs.

Artists Books Rubber Stamp Printing

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The Elephant's Child 10th March 2013 - 12:30 pm

Clever. Thank you for giving some detail about 'how it is made' (my smaller portion LOVES that show).
And IF I could cut out a separate stamp without making a big mess of it (and me) I can well see how it would be easier that brushwork. Particularly for multiple copies.

Helen M 10th March 2013 - 12:30 pm

I love low tech solutions and I love your stamp prints and typewritten text Angela. I've used a rubber stamp a few times in the past but I would never have imagined making a whole book from stamp prints. Wonderful!

Angela 10th March 2013 - 12:34 pm

Thanks both.

I love how its made too – especially the cheesy elevator style music they play to accompany the processes.

Helen my previous book had rubber stamps for both text and images, I hand cut all the text too. I must have been mad 😉



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