When I Am An Old Lady – Work In Progress

by Angela

Signature Ready To Stamp

I suppose I have posted in the wrong order. I have shown the completed book before the Work In Progress. I just wanted to a little of my stamping process.

All the signatures for the book were done on my typwriter first. Lots of fun – typying 15 books by hand 🙂 I then did the stamping. The top image is the typed signature ready to stamp.
For the old lady stamp the main image outline is done in grey – below. I had a separate stamp to do her jumper and I stamped this in grey also.

Old Lady Stamped

Then I had another separate stamp to do the blue rinse for her hair.

Old Lady, Hair Stamp

The blue ink I was using was too strong. So I inked the stamp first and stamped on a scrap piece of paper and then stamped the image. This gave the more faded blue I was looking for. If you look at the top image you can see where I have stamped the hair (right hand side of the image).

Old Lady + Hair Stamped

As you can see it is all very low tech. Just 2 rulers to line up the paper, but I like the simplicity of this print process.
With some stamps I thought it might be easier to do the main stamp and hand colour the other bits, but although its a bit fiddly to cut a separate stamp e.g. for the hair – it is much quicker just to stamp the hair than to faff around with a brush 🙂

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The Elephant's Child 10th March 2013 - 12:30 pm

Clever. Thank you for giving some detail about 'how it is made' (my smaller portion LOVES that show).
And IF I could cut out a separate stamp without making a big mess of it (and me) I can well see how it would be easier that brushwork. Particularly for multiple copies.

Helen M 10th March 2013 - 12:30 pm

I love low tech solutions and I love your stamp prints and typewritten text Angela. I've used a rubber stamp a few times in the past but I would never have imagined making a whole book from stamp prints. Wonderful!

Angela 10th March 2013 - 12:34 pm

Thanks both.

I love how its made too – especially the cheesy elevator style music they play to accompany the processes.

Helen my previous book had rubber stamps for both text and images, I hand cut all the text too. I must have been mad 😉



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