Cardiff Print Workshop

by Angela C

Feathers – Cyanotype Print

I did this course at Cardiff Print Workshop last year (2016). Our tutor was Bill Chambers who was very, knowledgeable, patient and helpful.  I had always wanted to try Cyanotype but was not sure what to expect.  Bill helped us all to make negatives for our prints. I choose 4 bird images I had – 3 Crows, and a Gull. I also used some found Gull Feathers to make a Photogram – this was printed on both Fabric and Paper (the photo above is on Fabric).

Cyanotype Print of Crow in a Tree

Carrion Crow – Cyanotype

Above was my favourite of all the prints I made that day. The image is of a Carrion Crow that I fed for 4 years in Bute Park (Cardiff).

The one below is a photo of a random Crow I fed in Friary Gardens (Cardiff). This was eventually made into a Lino Print also.

Cyanotype Print - Crow in a Tree

Cyanotype – Crow in a Tree

Below is a selection of the Cyanotypes made by the class that day – you can see that we packed a lot in.

Cyanotype Prints laid out on table. Cardiff Print Workshop

Cyanotype Prints – Cardiff Print Workshop

You can find the full range of courses for Cardiff Print Workshop here and Bill Chambers’ own website here. Also –  the full set of photos on Flickr.

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