Happy 10 Year Blogiversary

by Angela

This day 10 years ago I  started my Blog and posted on Blogger for the first time. My first post was short and sweet and about a Long Stitch German Binding – here is the same photo of the binding.  I can’t remember exactly why I started to write a blog but I believe it was connected with opening my shop on Etsy – it was recommended that you Blog.  However, something unexpected happened – I found I really enjoyed it.

My Etsy shop is no more but I continue on here – well not exactly – I migrated my Blog to WordPress in 2017. It wasn’t an easy process but as I mentioned before an excellent post on WP Beginner really helped.  Initially it looked as if everything went over OK, but I subsequently found a lot of formatting issues and problems with images and code that had been imported from Blogger.  I am gradually working my way through this, but as you can imagine re-formatting 10 years’ worth of blog posts (130 odd) is a big task.  I have needed to revert some posts to Draft because when I tried to remove some of the unnecessary Blogger code and change the embedded photos it seemed to corrupt the whole post.

I feel very nostalgic about my old Blog – preciouslittlebirdy.blogspot.com.  It was also through Blogger that I found Sara Bowen’s Blog in 2009 and joined Book Art Object – making and exchanging editions of Artists’ Books with Artists from all around the world.  We are starting on a new project  (which I am very excited about!)  soon – so watch this space as they say 🙂

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