(Mistaken) Raven Feathers

by Angela


UPDATE: 28th September 2020

Please see comment below from Lucy. I realise now I was mistaken, I have double checked the Feather Atlas and found this page – Magpie Feathers.  Thank you Lucy 🙂


Two years ago today I found the first of these 4 Raven Feathers – the largest one – and then the 3 smaller ones the following day. From the way they were scattered and damaged it looked like some kind of fight probably with Crows or Gulls – it felt vaguely upsetting – I know Ravens can be nasty but I felt sorry for it.

I have been collecting found Feathers since 2005 – mainly Gulls and Crows and was fairly certain straight away that these were not Crow Feathers. I believed them to be Raven Feathers by size and appearance. They were much bigger than crow Feathers and had (and still have) a beautiful iridescence – a website called The Feather Atlas confirmed that they were indeed Raven Feathers.   I can’t explain it fully but it felt hugely significant – so I asked the Internet what it could mean – the answer?

When someone finds a black feather it means the guardian of their soul is near and also reminds you that you are not facing the battles of life alone.

Then followed a bumper period of over 6 months of finding Feathers – this went way beyond anything I had experienced before. Almost every day (sometimes twice a day) they were right in my path, I couldn’t avoid them, I almost stepped on them, sometimes I laughed – it was so blatant. It was mainly Crow and Gull Feathers, but also among them was my first Peregrine Falcon Feather.

I am not sure what all this means, I had heard mention of the Ascended Masters – I believe some Birds are Ascended Masters – but they are not necessarily majestic Raptors and it is not all magical and glamorous.

They could be annoying (Gulls) or humble (Blue Tits) birds – in other words – the ones you least expect – there for you to brighten your day with a beautiful simple song (Blue Tit) – or comedic antics (Gulls) – and to cover you path with Feathers.


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Elephants Child 20th April 2019 - 8:45 pm

I view ALL birds (including the pesky pigeons) as feathered enchantment.
I will admit to a huge weakness for ravens though – such intelligent, beautiful, family minded birds.

Angela C 20th April 2019 - 9:06 pm

Feathered Enchantment – that is one of the most beautiful and perhaps one of my favourite descriptions of Birds – even pesky pigeons 😀 I didn’t realise Ravens were so Family orientated too – thanks for sharing this. Further research will be required – even though I possess their Feathers, I must admit I know very little about Beautiful Ravens.

Lucy 28th September 2020 - 4:54 pm

Hello, I am an ornithologist and just stumbled across your website while researching raven feathers, as they have a distinctive odour like a Catholic Church incense! Your beautiful feathers are from a magpie, though – the long one is a tail feather, the 3 others from part of the wing. Where did you find them, they are gorgeous!

Angela C 28th September 2020 - 6:47 pm

Hello Lucy, thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know that these are Magpie Feathers. I have double checked the Feather Atlas and updated the title of this post 🙂 I can see now looking at the photo on the Feather Atlas (I have added the link to the post above) that photo on there is a much better match for the feathers I found.

Because they were so much bigger than the Crow Feathers I had and Ravens had been seen in this area I presumed they belonged to a Raven – I should have measured them too. The feathers were found in Park Place, Cardiff and Ravens have nested nearby on a Cardiff University Building.

The feathers do smell quite musty – I am familiar with Catholic Church incense too 🙂 They smell the same as Crow Feathers and (to me) don’t smell like incense – so maybe Raven Feathers smell different

It is a little disappointing they are not Raven Feathers but I love Magpies too and they are beautiful. Thanks again 🙂 All the best, Angela.


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