Ghost Birds

by Angela


This book was made at the end of 2019 as part of the Book Art Object Group.  The making process is shown here.

The inspiration for this project is Australian Migratory Shorebirds and the poetry (and photography) of John Bennett. This is also linked to Kate Gorringe-Smith’s –  The Overwintering Project.

The first thing I thought about when I read the words and saw the images of John’s Poetry was the Ghostly appearance  of the Birds. It reminded me of Bird Extinctions – the ones that are gone forever except for their Ghosts.

I thought about the way people complain about the racket Gulls make where I live in Cardiff and then imagined waking up one morning to silent skies. How it would feel – not a bird to be seen or heard anywhere. How awful it would be – just  Shadows and Ghosts left behind – random Feathers on the ground, but no Birds.  The loss would be palpable.

Sometimes to realise the full significance of species loss we need to think of the extreme. When I think about Bird Extinctions and Critically Endangered Birds I often think of this – waking up one day to silent, empty skies, and how much it would break my heart to live in a World where the only Birds were Ghosts. It would be unbearable to live with that loss.



Ghost Birds

Inspired by John Bennett’s Poetry (Overwintering 2018) & Photography of Australian Migratory Shorebirds and their Beautiful Winter Plumage

Made with Somerset Satin Paper
250gsm – Signature
300gsm – Cover

Hand Carved Rubber Stamps
(Text & Bird Images)

Hand Printed using Versacolor Pigment Ink Pad – Sky Gray (81)
Hand Debossed Text
Cover and Slipcase

Size: Wide x 10cm High

Edition of 10 Books
BookArtObject Edition #5, 2019
© Angela Callanan, 2019


You can see John Bennett’s Poetry & Photography here and more about The Overwintering Project here.

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